(New American Roget's College Thesaurus)
n. [bomb]shell; slang, flop (See failure). See arms.
(Roget's IV) n.
Syn. weapon, missile, high explosive, charge, bombshell, grenade; see also explosive , mine 2 , nuclear bomb , shell 2 .
Types of bombs include: incendiary, multiple warhead, nuclear warhead, magnesium, high explosive, demolition, glider, jet-propulsion, time, letter, pipe, smart, plastic, six-ton, chain detonation, smoke, delayed-action, cyanide, parachute, antipersonnel bomb; atom(ic) bomb or A-bomb, cobalt bomb or C-bomb, hydrogen bomb or H-bomb, neutron bomb, napalm bomb, rack of bombs, cluster bomb unit or CBU, salvo of bombs, torpedo, depth charge, cherry bomb, hand grenade; blockbuster*, ash can*, pineapple*, potato masher*, Molotov cocktail*, stink bomb*. v.
Syn. shell, bombard, torpedo, napalm, blow up, wipe out, subject to bombing runs, blast, attack from the air, zero in on*, rain destruction, raid, dive-bomb, skip-bomb, mass-bomb, precision-bomb, lay an egg*; see also attack 1 , destroy 1 .
(Roget's 3 Superthesaurus)
1. explosive charge, shell, missile, mine, grenade, projectile, depth charge, atom bomb, hydrogen bomb, *physics package, torpedo, incendiary, blockbuster, warhead, dud, *egg.
15,000-pound bomb: BLU-82; [daisy cutter]
21,500-pound behomoth, [mother of all Bombs]: MOAB (Massive Ordnance Air Blast bomb)
antipersonnel mine with fanning fragmentation: claymore mine
boom: report
caves and tunnels, high pressure bombs used to flush out: thermobaric bomb
explosive chemical used in bombs: TNT, trinitrotoluene, nitroglycerin
explosive portion of bomb, missile, etc.: warhead
fire-starting bomb: incendiary bomb
fragmenting, shrapnel-producing bomb: fragmentation bomb, antipersonnel bomb
fuel detonated in midair: fuel-air bomb
gasoline-filled bottle stuffed with rag: Molotov cocktail
guided bomb: smart bomb
hole: crater
intense bombing: saturation bombing, carpet bombing
jelled gas incendiary: napalm
lead pipe containing home-made charge: pipe bomb
multiple bombs released from canister: cluster bomb
penetrate earth and concrete, designed to: bunker buster, GBU-28 Penetrator
puttylike substance holding charge: plastic explosive
smoke-producing: smoke bomb
stink-producing: stink bomb
timed charge: time bomb
unguided: dumb bomb
2. flop failure, fiasco, disaster, *turkey, *dog, loser, *washout.
ANT.: 2. success, triumph, hit
1. Sl. fail flop, fizzle, wash out, *die.
2. bombard shell, blow up, assault, blitz, pepper, barrage, strafe, *drop the big one, *blow to smithereens, *blow to kingdom come, *bomb back to the stone age, level, blast.
(Roget's Thesaurus II) I noun Slang. One that fails completely: bust, failure, fiasco, loser, washout. Informal: dud, flop, lemon. See THRIVE. II verb Slang. To be unsuccessful: choke, fail, fall through. Informal: fall down, flop. Idioms: fail of success, fall short. See THRIVE.

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